About us

DeAnthony Hill, founder, and serial entrepreneur has a successful business acumen in the Beverage, Development, and Freight Industries. DeAnthony has been able to see the gap in the janitorial space and bring new life and a innovative perspective to the cleaning industry.

Crystal Massey, founder, family has been in the janitorial space in the Charlotte area for over 36 years. She lives and breathes Cleaning. She has been a major part of the success of her family business and decide with DeAnthony to extend our capabilities into the short term and vacation rental cleaning space. Both being able to make a mark in the industry with building Clean City’s brand as it continues to grow tremendously giving a fresh spin on janitorial servicing for this region and beyond.

Mission Statement

For Clean City, we are constantly evolving and growing our business to meet the ever changing requirements of our clients. We provide a wide range of services from commercial cleaning to short term rental cleanings. Our mission is to provide the best cleaning solutions in the industry. If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form on our website.


Our Service Vision is to build a market leading, multi-faceted facilities management business. Clean City recognizes that the only way to do this is by providing world class customer service and delivering outstanding value to all client relationships. We achieve this by building our service delivery around your individual requirements and through open, honest and timely communication. We value the opinion of each and every one of our customers, and always remember that relationships take time to build but only seconds to lose.


In order to deliver exceptional value to our clients it is of fundamental importance to create an environment in which our staff can thrive. Our People Vision is to be recognized as one of the best companies to work for by creating an exciting work environment, with opportunities for all of our staff to grow, progress, and develop.


We define innovation as the commitment to continual improvement. It is about constantly searching for new and better ways of doing things for our clients. We remain educated on the all of the newest technology and we stay driven by trends that we are able to adopt to ensure we give you the best and most efficient solution to your cleaning needs.


The consistent application of the above principles has been the cornerstone of our growth to date. Our growth drives an even further commitment to our values, allowing us to invest further in our service delivery, our people and new innovations. Growth for us is not just about achieving business goals however, it is about the growth of our customers, our people, and what we all can achieve collectively when working with one another in a strategic partnership.